Mindfulness: Walking in the Woods

By woodlandstv

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Here we follow Daisie from Wild Wanderings UK.

Wild Wanderings UK is an experience of feeling oneself as an extension of nature itself. You come to explore yourself, the individual, and to expand that awareness to the world around you. To walk and to be fully present on this earth, amongst these trees and on this soil is to experience the true state of peace, stillness, serenity and bliss that is our birth right. So within so without. Let's walk.

With thanks to Daisie

Made by Sava FIlms


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Glad to hear that being outdoors had a healing affect on you and that you are doing better!


February 5, 2019

Wow that is an awesome daily habit it have!


February 5, 2019

@EcoElsa Thank you!

Karma Calling

February 16, 2019

the Earth doesn't belong to us; we belong to the Earth

Susan Kerr

May 5, 2019