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Turbo Saw Mill – making an oak gate post

by mikepepler ~ 17 January, 2015 ~ 7 comments

Richard Hare and Mike Pepler are using a Turbo saw mill to create an oak gatepost for use in a woodland.  Although this cutting is being done indoors it could be done in a woodland where the oak tree was felled

Building a wooden bridge in woodlands

by mikepepler ~ 29 April, 2012 ~ 144 comments

Mike and Tracy Pepler organised this volunteer project to build a bridge that would be strong enough for a car to drive over.  The bridge was built of timbers from the woodland itself and the volunteers were from the EWB UK unit at Imperial College in London.

Pine Resin and many uses for woodland pine

by WoodlandsTV ~ 14 September, 2011 ~ 40 comments

In the final part of his look at the pine tree, Sean considers the dead or dying pine and how it still continues to be a resource for survival. Pine resin has plenty of uses for the bushcrafter, and Sean describes how to find , store, and use it.

Making a rose arch from hazel rods

by WoodlandsTV ~ 4 February, 2011 ~ 26 comments

A rose arch made from hazel is always an attractive addition to any garden. Rosie Rendell discovered how to make one by going on a course at West Dean College, Chichester. WoodlandsTV talked to her whilst she was making one at the Weald Wood Fair in Sussex. Using a side adze to split the hazel ,and a mould with pre drilled holes Rosie discusses the points to look out for including a top tip to make your rose arch last longer. She is gaining more experience and skill working with Wildwood Charcoal and Coppice Products.

Adzing planks with historic adze techniques

by WoodlandsTV ~ 2 December, 2010 ~ 12 comments

Kim Williams is dubbing or adzing some timber planks using an adze, for a reconstruction Anglo Saxon building. Kim is part of the East Sussex Archaeology and Museums Partnership ESAMP

Chestnut Coppice For Buildings-Flimwell

by WoodlandsTV ~ 22 September, 2010 ~ 7 comments

David Saunders shows how local materials were used in construction of the Woodlands Enterprise Centre. woodlands.co.uk

Storing and Curing Wood -seasoning timber

by WoodlandsTV ~ 29 August, 2010 ~ 28 comments

Cabinet maker Jeff Segal shows how he’ll store and cure the freshly milled plane tree. woodlands.co.uk

Anglo Saxon dwelling

by WoodlandsTV ~ 18 December, 2009 ~ 79 comments

A reconstruction by the East Sussex Archaeology and Museums Partnership of an Anglo Saxon dwelling built over a pit. A style of building which could be copied and used in woods today.

Early Medieval timber work

by WoodlandsTV ~ 11 December, 2009 ~ 41 comments

A look at early medieval wood work techniques with evidence from documents, and archaeological finds. A team from the East Sussex Archaeology and Museums Partnership demonstrate their skillls in turning round logs into square timber.

Building Shelters

by WoodlandsTV ~ 10 February, 2009 ~ 84 comments

Need a shelter in the woods? Ashley shows how to make them quickly, using whatever comes to hand. Another in the Survival series from WoodlandsTV and Dulwich Studios

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