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Woods for sale in Devon


You are welcome to visit our woodlands or meadows with our sales details. For more information and all enquiries contact the local manager named in the sales details.
Devon is managed by Stuart Brooking:

We have more woods for sale in Devon on the Cornwall and West Devon page.

All our woods for sale are offered at a fixed price, and include free membership of the Small Woodland Owners Group and the Royal Forestry Society, as well as £300 towards paying for a course (or courses) to help with managing and enjoying your woodland. Conservation of woodland is very important to us and none of the woodlands we have would be suitable for residential development.

Bradbury Wood, Devon - Nearly 3 ½ acres, £39,000

Bradbury Wood

Chittlehamholt, Near South Molton, Devon

With good access, this Ancient and Semi-natural Woodland is a peaceful place to spend time enjoying wildlife and camping.

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Soldiers Wood, Devon - Over 2 acres, £29,000

Soldiers Wood

Near Sidbury, Sidmouth, Devon

A manageable woodland located upon the upper slopes of Harcombe Hill, near to the coastal town of Sidmouth.

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Crufts Wood, Devon - Nearly 3 ½ acres, £39,000

Crufts Wood

Stoodleigh, Near Tiverton, Devon

A peaceful mixed woodland of semi natural ancient woodland and contrasting conifer. Set on an ancient woodland site with good access and fine views over mid Devon to the east.

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Snod Brook Wood, Devon - About 5 ¾ acres, £79,000

Snod Brook Wood

Near Sidbury, Sidmouth, Devon

A stunning woodland with stream frontage located on the gentle slopes of the beautiful Sid Valley, within the East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

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We have many more woods available, some much larger.
Please contact our local manager Stuart Brooking on 07801 789215 or 01392 436229 or stuart@woodlands.co.uk.

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Shoulsbury Wood - SOLD, Devon - Nearly 5 acres, £59,000

Shoulsbury Wood - SOLD

Near Brayford, Barnstaple, Devon

Mature broadleaved woodland with an area of open meadow bisected by a glorious stream.

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Marley Wood - SOLD, Devon - About 5 ½ acres, £65,000

Marley Wood - SOLD

Near Stoodleigh , Tiverton , Devon

An attractive stream and towering conifer trees with clear ground underneath make Marley Wood ideal for camping.

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Blackbury Wood - SOLD, Devon - About 2 ¾ acres, £39,000

Blackbury Wood - SOLD

Near Sidbury, Sidmouth, Devon

A delightful, manageable woodland with numerous features including a stream-lined boundary.

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Collacott Wood - SOLD, Devon - About 6 acres, £49,000

Collacott Wood - SOLD

Chittlehamholt, Near South Molton, Devon

This attractive semi-natural Ancient woodland has good clearings for camping, large oak trees interspersed with hazel and bluebells in the spring.

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Hill Fort Wood - SOLD, Devon - About 3 acres, £35,000

Hill Fort Wood - SOLD

Near Stoodleigh, Tiverton, Devon

This ancient woodland site is a prominent landscape feature in a setting near an Iron Age enclosure.

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Colliers Wood - SOLD, Devon - Nearly 4 acres, £49,000

Colliers Wood - SOLD

Stoodleigh, Near Tiverton, Devon

An ancient semi-natural woodland dominated by oak trees with plentiful bilberries as ground flora and a glistening stream along the northern boundary.

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Heathcoat Wood - SOLD, Devon - Over 4 acres, £47,000

Heathcoat Wood - SOLD

Near Stoodleigh, Tiverton, Devon

Good access, a stream, mature conifer and broadleaved trees set in a tranquil Devonshire valley make this such an attractive woodland.

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Loxbeare Wood - SOLD, Devon - About 8 ⅓ acres, £85,000

Loxbeare Wood - SOLD

Near Stoodleigh, Tiverton, Devon

A secluded sizeable woodland with mature conifers, mixed broadleaved trees and picturesque stream.

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Three Bares Wood - SOLD, Devon - About 2 ¾ acres, £32,000

Three Bares Wood - SOLD

Near Stoodleigh, Tiverton, Devon

A delightful open woodland with towering trees and views over surrounding fields.

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Tinners Wood - SOLD, Devon - 2 ⅔ acres, £29,000

Tinners Wood - SOLD

Sigford, Ashburton, Devon

A manageably sized mature woodland with plentiful timber, well spaced trees and a superb location on the edge of Dartmoor National Park.

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Penruddock Wood - SOLD, Devon - Over 3 acres, £35,000

Penruddock Wood - SOLD

Chittlehamholt, Near South Molton, Devon

An ancient woodland that is a wildlife haven with towering oak trees, a hazel coppice and an abundance of wild flowers.

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Bell Tor Wood - SOLD, Devon - About 4 ⅓ acres, £45,000

Bell Tor Wood - SOLD

Sigford, Near Ashburton, Devon

Located on the edge of Dartmoor in a prominent position, Bell Tor Wood consists of mature pine and spruce with an open feel allowing plenty of light.

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Squier Wood - SOLD, Devon - About 7 acres, £59,000

Squier Wood - SOLD

Portsmouth Arms, Near South Molton, Devon

A mature mixed broadleaf and conifer woodland with many attractive features including a stream.

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