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From time to time, Woodlands.co.uk commissions reports on topics relevant to woodlands and woodland owners. Here are some links to them:

What Do Owners Do With Their Woods?

A survey looking at how private owners manage their woods, the types of woods that they own, the uses they make of their woods as well as the satisfaction that they and others gain from them and the types of training and advice they look for in managing them.

What Do Owners Do With Their Woods?

Trees or Food

A report into the tensions between maintaining and extending woodland, climate change, and feeding the world’s growing population.

Trees or Food report

Woodland Owners Feel Happier

Our report finds that woodland owners are happier!

Woodland Owners Feel Happier

UK Woodland Management

A report into the effects of the changing distribution of ownership on UK woodland management.

Owners of small woodlands a vital part of UK woodland management

Woodland Owners Survey

A survey report from 2011 asking a number of questions of small woodland owners.

Woodland Owners Survey 2011

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