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Trees and streams

Trees and streams

by Chris ~ 27 November, 2017 ~ comments welcome

There are some 240,000 miles of streams and rivers throughout the UK.  Streams and rivers are sensitive habitats in terms of climate change, with cold water species being particularly at risk.  Researchers (Stephen Thomas) at Cardiff University have recorded significant reductions in insect numbers in the Rivers Wye, and Tywi, and indeed one local extinction -  these are associated with our changing climate.

Trees clearly offer shade to rivers and streams and this is important in mitigating the effects of high temperatures. As water warms so the level of dissolved oxygen falls. However, trees also help the resilience of these freshwater systems Read more...

Woodlands, climate and robustness.

Woodlands, climate and robustness.

by Lewis ~ 13 January, 2017 ~ comments welcome

Climate change is a fact, though not one always accepted by certain politicians.   Greenhouse gas emissions have been growing since the C18th, and particularly in the period 1970 - 2004.   The warming of the world climate system is certain; air and ocean temperatures have increased.  

Though we cannot say how climate will change in any specific area with certainty, we can be sure that extreme weather events will become more common - droughts, heat waves, heavy rainfall, high winds and cyclones. Read more...

The mediterranean cypress and forest fires.

The mediterranean cypress and forest fires.

by Chris ~ 7 October, 2016 ~ one comment

According the United Nations FAO, some two million hectares of forest were burnt in the Mediterranean region, between 2006 and 2010.  Most of these fires were 'human induced'; they (the fires) are the most frequent cause of degradation / loss of forest / woodland in this region.  In 2012, a fire swept through some 20,000 hectares of forest near Andilla (Valencia).   After the fire, it was found that though oaks, holm oaks, pines and junipers had been completely burnt, the vast majority (98% +) of the Mediterranean Cypresses were still standing, tall and green.   There followed a three year study of the fire resilience of the Mediterranean Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens var horizontalis) to see if stands of these trees might function as buffer zones to hinder or prevent the spread of forest fires. Read more...

Bird Decline Indicates Homogenised Woods

Bird Decline Indicates Homogenised Woods

by Esther Armstrong ~ 30 October, 2009 ~ one comment

With under-management diminishing woodland bird populations, landowners are being encouraged to act.

The population decline of woodland birds has been well documented in the national press: headline grabbing stories of the cuckoo’s demise and the lesser spotted woodpecker’s struggle for habitat are given plenty of column inches.  We wanted to get to the bottom of why woodland birds are in decline, what this means for the woods, and how the problem is being addressed?  Read more...

Re-introductions and rewilding

Re-introductions and rewilding

by Richard ~ 23 October, 2009 ~ 2 comments

Rewilding is a word that has been used often by the media in recent times.  Broadly speaking, it refers to the re-introduction of species to areas or habitats where they have 'died out', in some cases hundreds of years ago.  The list of animals considered for rewilding varies, but the elk, wolf, lynx, wild boar, beavers and bears are possible candidates. Read more...

Chainsaw Maintenance Pt 3 - Fixing A Slack Recoil Starter

Chainsaw Maintenance Pt 3 – Fixing A Slack Recoil Starter

by catherine ~ 23 October, 2009 ~ 2 comments

In our last chainsaw maintenance video Paul Collins shows us how to fix a slack recoil starter on a chainsaw. Read more...

The Ghost of Workers Past Pt 4: Delving into the history hidden in your woodland

The Ghost of Workers Past Pt 4: Delving into the history hidden in your woodland

by David Brown ~ 16 October, 2009 ~ comments welcome

Tracks and trackways


These seem to exist in almost every wood. Some are slightly sunken – something less than 0.2m and about a metre wide – while others are wide, two-lane highways with multiple sunken areas and banks on either side. Read more...

Chainsaw Maintenance Pt 2 - Tensioning the Chain

Chainsaw Maintenance Pt 2 – Tensioning the Chain

by catherine ~ 16 October, 2009 ~ 2 comments

Paul Collins continues his demonstration by replacing the guide bar and showing how to adjust the tension of the chain. Read more...

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