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Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)

This is an order that has been imposed by your district council planning department. In towns it covers only selected trees, but in woodlands it usually covers quite a large area. The objective is simply to maintain the appearance of the landscape, but unfortunately the wording of it is such as to prevent you from doing any woodland management at all without a management plan. Before getting down to any kind of work, you should get the local F.C. officer along to discuss and draw up an agreed management plan. In this you will cover any work you might plan to do, whether coppicing or tree felling or simply clearing the sides of your track or paths. You then submit your management plan to the district council’s planners, and when it has been agreed you are free to do any of the work outlined. This process is inconvenient, but should not cost you anything, and you are always free to change your mind without notice and do less work than was planned. It is comforting to know that your neighbours are unable to remove the trees that provide your privacy without similar consents.

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