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The easy way to processing 40 cubic of logs

The easy way to processing 40 cubic of logs

by Matt Marples ~ 23 May, 2018 ~ 3 comments

When I first moved to Sweden, friends from the UK sent me countless books and magazine articles on the culture and tradition of the log stack. How I would become fanatical about length, order and symmetry of my log shed and how by the end of spring I would be  fitter than at any time of the year. Each year the first job of spring time as winter crawls back is to sort out your log store for the following winter. Living in the Northern part of Sweden, winter is a big thing.  Logs are like currency and timing seems to be everything.

You need to cut your timber, and as silver birch makes the best logs for us, its in the depths of winter when the tree isn’t drawing water. Read more...

What does Brexit mean for UK woodlands?

What does Brexit mean for UK woodlands?

by Angus ~ 13 July, 2016 ~ 7 comments

Whatever one thinks of the Brexit vote it is certainly a very big deal for the UK economy and is causing a re-evaluation of almost everything.   The most immediate effect has been a devaluation of sterling which has already dropped by over 10% against both the dollar and the euro and may well drop further.  Longer term effects may include a reduction in the number of people working here from abroad, changes in regulations and the possible departure of Scotland from the UK.

Devaluation should make woodlands relatively more attractive to buy for several reasons - firewood is more valuable in relation to other fuel prices which have already risen and timber from abroad has become more expensive Read more...

xylem vessels

New uses for wood derived materials

by Lewis ~ 18 February, 2016 ~ comments welcome

Wood is the fibrous (but porous) structural tissue found in the stems and roots of trees and shrubs.   For many thousands of years, it has been used as a fuel and a construction material e.g. cruck framed barns.  It is an organic material that is a mix of three different compounds:- Read more...

Turning a pen - in wood

Turning a pen – in wood

by stuart murdoch ~ 19 December, 2014 ~ 7 comments

One of my passions is wood turning, from bowls and pots to spindles and tool handles but just lately it has become pen making, with a few specialist tools and lots of off cuts of wood within minutes you can create a wonderful item that will give much enjoyment.    So here I will share a little how to and hope that it helps others to find the joy I get from making these,

First we start with the style of pen , there are many on the market from slim line to euro, some are fat some are thin and they all start out life as a kit which usually consists of brass tubes, a tip, a ring and an end, from there the next thing is to decide on wood or acrylic or wood, although I have made both i prefer wood its far more tactile and brings a personal touch to the pen. Read more...

Whittling: wood carving keeps the mind sharp

Whittling: wood carving keeps the mind sharp

by David, Dan and Patricia. ~ 21 June, 2012 ~ 21 comments

Wood whittling is so fulfilling, say the experts, it can develop into an addiction. It may start as a leisurely pastime but, before you know it, it develops into lifetime pursuit for many. First of all, whittling is an easy hobby to take up because it is cheap: a sharp knife, a piece of wood and a bit of oil is all you need. Secondly, whittling produces many a useful and loveable object such as spoons, bowls and figures which are unique. Also, whittling is relaxing and enjoyable so it can work wonders at settling down a busy mind. For holding a sharp knife in your hand to shape a small piece of wood requires undivided attention and focus, so whittlers become completely absorbed.

If you are lucky to own your own woodland, or visit one frequently, the temptation to turn odd pieces of wood into useful or decorative objects is huge.   David Alty and Dan Watson of woodlands.co.uk, two seasoned whittlers, tell us step-by-step how to make our first ever whittling project fun. Read more...

Woody tissues : bark

Woody tissues : bark

by Chris ~ 28 April, 2011 ~ 2 comments

Wood is such a familiar material that we tend to take it for granted.  In general, it is a long lasting, fibrous material that is found within the roots, stems and branches of trees and shrubs.  It is mainly composed of xylem – a tissue that brings water and minerals up from the roots and distributes the minerals and water to the leaves and growing tissues of the stem.


Woodfuel Strategy

Woodfuel Strategy

by Bruce Richardson ~ 4 February, 2011 ~ 2 comments


I am a forestry student from the University of Wales (Bangor) and am writing a dissertation on the implementation of the England Woodfuel Strategy 2007. The strategy claims that

  • only about 40% of the potential annual harvest from England’s woodlands is actually harvested, and
  • that if 50% of this under-harvested woodland is brought into management

then an additional 2 million tonnes of woodfuel could be produced annually, equivalent to the energy needs of 250,000 homes. Read more...



by Jonathan ~ 13 March, 2009 ~ 13 comments

According to folklore firewood will heat you three times: 

When you cut and extract it,

When you split and store it,

When you carry and burn it. 

A wood fire can cook food, act as a focal point, or heat one room or an entire house. 

In the wider picture, the careful and efficient use of firewood, a carbon neutral resource, can also contribute to reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and reduce global warming provided it is sourced, managed and transported sustainably. Read more...

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