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Results of the Big Butterfly Count 2020 ~ by Chris

Results of the Big Butterfly Count 2020

This year saw the lowest recorded numbers of butterflies in the count for over a decade. In fact, the count has has seen a reduction in the average number of butterflies logged in the count by approximately a third,  when compared to 2019.  However,1.4 million butterflies were counted across the UK and on a positive note, public participation was high.

There are always variations in the numbers year on year, for example,  last year’s numbers were swelled by an influx of the migratory painted lady butterfly. The decline in numbers this year could be due to various factors but the unusually warm spring meant that many species emerged earlier than usual.  This may mean that the actual count took place at the ‘tail end’ of the flight period of the butterflies.

The top ten butterflies were :-













If you are interested in butterflies and their activity throughout the year, then you might be interested to download the free iRecord Butterflies app. Every sighting counts towards understanding how butterfly (and other insects) numbers are changing.

Posted in: Flora & Fauna ~ On: 17 October, 2020

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roy palmer
20 October, 2020

As a newby to the world of trees and woodland I find the whole world of woodlands fascinating and although disabled and unable to walk thru these wonders of nature, I plan to do my best to encourage and help where ever I can.

Being of advanced age, I am about to learn to ride and get myself a pony so I can freely move around any woodland I visit. My purpose will be to inspect before I buy, although no expert I have expert advisers.

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