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Forestry Commission disposals - more surprises!

Forestry Commission disposals – more surprises!

by Angus ~ 13 February, 2011 ~ 6 comments

Public access has dominated the debate on the proposed Forestry Commission (FC) forestry disposals, but behind the official documents there are a few less obvious but perhaps important implications:

The government don’t really trust the Forestry Commission, DEFRA or even politicians any longer as owners of the forests.  There have been some kind words said publicly about current management but it is clear from what’s being proposed that the government want to get this land out of FC hands just as soon as possible.  Read more...

Creating Woodland Glades

Creating Woodland Glades

by Kevin Lerwill ~ 10 December, 2010 ~ comments welcome

Gatwick Greenspace Partnership (part of the Sussex Wildlife Trust) took on the management of Lower Orlton’s Copse, near Rusper, in March of this year *. Since then we have, in consultation with the Forestry Commission, decided as part of the management, to extend a small number of glades to open up the high canopy and improve the amount of ground flora in these areas. Read more...

PAWS project

PAWS project

by Angus ~ 24 May, 2006 ~ comments welcome

Are you the owner of an ancient woodland in the High Weald of Sussex and Kent? If so read on...

The High Weald AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty), the Woodland Trust and the Forestry Commission are jointly funding a Plantations on Ancient Woodland Sites (PAWS) Project focusing on returning ancient woodland plantations to native, broadleaved tree cover. The AONB contains some 7% of England’s Read more...

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