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Insect Pollinators in decline

Insect Pollinators in decline

by Lewis ~ 13 April, 2019 ~ one comment

The science journal Nature has published the results of another insect survey, specifically of pollinating insects.   The UK pollinator monitoring scheme looked at some 353 species of bees, bumblebees and hoverflies.  The survey analysed 700,000+ sightings of pollinating insects over thirty years or more (1980 to 2013).  The survey yielded information about the changes in the range of these different pollinators - that is the different parts of the countryside that these insects were found in.  The survey did not attempt to determine actual numbers of bees etc in an area.   There were “winners and losers’ in the survey but the overall picture was somewhat depressing. Read more...

A Busman’s Holiday

A Busman’s Holiday

by Dick ~ 13 February, 2019 ~ one comment

Busman’s Holiday by Dick

It was at the Bath & West Show last June, on the occasion of my 65th birthday that I first mentioned to Angus that, whilst not wishing to hang up my chainsaw completely, I was looking to reduce my day-to-day involvement in woodlands.co.uk significantly.

So we worked out a plan whereby I would still do some contracting work for the company [and for my other clients, many of whom had bought their woodlands from the company], as well as specific projects like organising show attendance, sourcing company merchandise and so on, whilst my esteemed colleague and good friend, Mr Stuart Brooking would take on ‘my patch’ Read more...

Helping Hands for Hedgehogs

Helping Hands for Hedgehogs

by Chris ~ 1 January, 2018 ~ one comment

Hedgehog numbers have declined in recent years, perhaps by as much as 50% in areas such as East Anglia.  Though they are not doing well anywhere (with the possible exception of Uist  in the Hebrides), there is a suggestion that urban hedgehogs are doing somewhat better than their country cousins Read more...

Global warming and the changing seasons.

Global warming and the changing seasons.

by Chris ~ 8 December, 2016 ~ comments welcome

The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has been carefully monitored since the 1950’s (for example at Mauna Loa).  For much of recorded history and prior to the industrial revolution, the level of carbon dioxide was about 280 ppm.  However, its current level of 400 ppm represents a significant increase and is probably the highest value for some 800,000 years.  It has risen because of the burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil, peat etc.) - which release carbon dioxide.  This has contributed to global warming and the phenomenon of climate change.

However, the rise in global temperature has not been quite as great as some calculations / predictions have proposed.  The “greening of the planet” (that is an increase in the number of trees and plants growing on the planet) was held to be responsible for this ‘reduction’ in anticipated temperatures. Read more...

Bird Decline Indicates Homogenised Woods

Bird Decline Indicates Homogenised Woods

by Esther Armstrong ~ 30 October, 2009 ~ one comment

With under-management diminishing woodland bird populations, landowners are being encouraged to act.

The population decline of woodland birds has been well documented in the national press: headline grabbing stories of the cuckoo’s demise and the lesser spotted woodpecker’s struggle for habitat are given plenty of column inches.  We wanted to get to the bottom of why woodland birds are in decline, what this means for the woods, and how the problem is being addressed?  Read more...

Discovering Long Wood - a year in the life of a small wood - September

Discovering Long Wood – a year in the life of a small wood – September

by heather ~ 2 October, 2009 ~ comments welcome

Heather has been studying the mushrooms in Long Wood.  Rodney’s labours with the hemlock are bearing fruit in the form of a three-sided log shelter – not finished yet, but looking good. Read more...  September Read more...

Discovering Long Wood - a year in the life of a small wood - July

Discovering Long Wood – a year in the life of a small wood – July

by heather ~ 10 July, 2009 ~ 2 comments

Long Wood is teeming with wildlife, but mainly it’s invisible. Heather and Rodney are becoming skilled in reading the evidence identifying foxes, badgers, roe and fallow deer, woodpeckers, and much more ...


Discovering Long Wood - a year in the life of a small wood - June

Discovering Long Wood – a year in the life of a small wood – June

by heather ~ 12 June, 2009 ~ 3 comments

In June, Heather reflected on how they decided to deal  with an acre or two of unwanted and non-native conifers – without devastation. How should they choose which ones should go? And what could they usefully do with the resulting timber? Here she reveals how they solved the first of these problems... Read more...

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