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Why Buy a Woodland? ~ by catherine

Why Buy a Woodland?

It's a simple question, with many answers.  In the latest video clip, Woodlands TV asks some woodland owners why they bought their's.If you own a woodland, what were your reasons for buying your's?


See more demos and tips at http://www.woodlandstv.co.uk/

With thanks to the Small Woodland Owners Group.

Posted in: Woodland Activities ~ On: 17 April, 2009

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4 August, 2009


I am amused by Greta’s obviously tongue in cheek comment- nice to know we have not lost our sense of humour or sense of tolerence for alternative ways of living.

One way of ensuring that woodlands are cared for and valued is by having people having a close living relationship with them; obviously these communities will have to be sustainable, with low impact accomodation (such as tipi or yurt, which can be moved without leaving any impact on the surroundings).

Although I am not one myself, I feel that the world would be a much duller place without Hippies!

Peace and Love

23 May, 2009

Purchasing a woodland or forest is one sure way to save it! Too many such areas are being lost.

8 May, 2009

I was amazed recently to find that something like 200 hectacres (not sure exactly) of prime woodland had been allowed to be handed over to ‘HIPPIES’ who were causing lots of problems to locals of that area. They had even been given a grant by Welsh Assembly Government of £500,000, therefore, the public’s money. It was quite obvious they were living there. What in the world is going on. You put so many restrictions on your woodlands, yet these so called ‘tree-huggers’ have obtained substantial wealth at the expense of the public with the land featured I am sure linked to The Forestry Commission, also belonging and financed by the public.
Can you shed any light on this, and why your organisation is not shouting about this situation as they appeared to be doing as they wished. The site on television showed already it was in a mess, not well managed, and definitely being used to house them all. What a great way of public finance being abused and absolute mayhem being created in country areas by what I and others who saw the programme consider to be chancers who are more intelligent that those in ‘WAG’ in charge of our Environment and giving out grants to those who were not paying their way in life anyway. What is going on? Restrictions for most of us, and wanton destruction of woodlands and given away just like that. How will this land be devided up amongst so many? People living in places not designated to be built or lived upon.
Any answers anyone out there??

Tracy Pepler
17 April, 2009

I think that what is exciting is that you can change your reason for having the woodland as you find out more about it. I know many people who bought the wood for recreation, and now also provide their own firewood from it, for example!
Anyone wishing to join the small woodland owners group, come and find us at

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