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Catching woodland wildlife - on camera

Catching woodland wildlife – on camera

by Simon Salter ~ 28 May, 2011 ~ 11 comments

There is a lot going on in the woods which you don’t see. Well, I don’t see it anyhow. I clomp around in my big boots, singing little ditties, letting my dog roam free, blissfully unaware of the havoc I am causing. Meanwhile every creature for miles around is bolting for cover, hiding away, disappearing until the danger is past. I guess if I had the patience I could set up a hide and wait quietly.  Might have to tape up the dog for that to work. However, while I have the greatest admiration for people that can sit for hours without even a twitch, I am not one of them. Read more...

Bows and arrows in woodland - archery at different levels

Bows and arrows in woodland – archery at different levels

by Angus ~ 26 May, 2011 ~ one comment

Archery is exciting - the pull of the arrow, taking aim and the "thwack!" as the arrow hits its target (if it does). We have made a film of serious archers which you can see on woodlandsTV here.   This is not something one can try without proper advice and training - and some expensive kit. However many people just want to have a bit of fun and we have recently explored two ways of firing arrows in woodland. Read more...

'Toxic caterpillars' – the oak processionary moth and brown tail moth

‘Toxic caterpillars’ – the oak processionary moth and brown tail moth

by Chris ~ 23 May, 2011 ~ 8 comments

Last year, Angus wrote about the oak processionary moth (OPM), which has arrived in this country from Southern Europe.  Despite some extreme temperatures over the winter months, the moth has survived and is causing problems again.  The featured image (opposite) is from http://www.forestry.gov.uk/fr/INFD-6URJCF.

The moth is a concern and worry on two levels: Read more...

woodland shed

What do woodland owners do about sheds for storage ?

by Angus ~ 19 May, 2011 ~ 46 comments

Some people who manage their own woodlands feel it would be easier if they had a shed or building to store things and to shelter when it rains. In principle, local authorities are positive about this as they want to see woodlands managed but in practice planning officers often fear that sheds are the thin end of a wedge that will end up with a residential development which doesn't fit within the local development plan. Read more...

Scots Pine, fire, and capercaillies.

Scots Pine, fire, and capercaillies.

by Lewis ~ 13 May, 2011 ~ 2 comments

Scots pine and natural pine woodland has a wide distribution in the Northern Hemisphere (it stretches from Scandinavia to southern Spain and from Scotland to Siberia).  It is home to a number of special species, like the capercaillie or wood grouse (the males are strongly territorial and engage in a distinctive mating display).  However, in some pine woodlands the structure and composition of the understory / shrub layer changes over time so that heather comes to dominate to the detriment of the blueberry (Vaccinium ssp). Read more...

Wildlife surveys

Wildlife surveys

by Lewis ~ 7 May, 2011 ~ 3 comments

There is a considerable number of different surveys running throughout the country, some of which might hold a particular interest for you.  Many 'natural history' organisations / charities are dependent on the input from volunteers to monitor the status of plant and animal populations throughout the UK or specific local areas - especially in these financially difficult times. Read more...

Roadkill : rabbits, hedgehogs, foxes......

Roadkill : rabbits, hedgehogs, foxes……

by Chris ~ 4 May, 2011 ~ 16 comments

In this country, like others dependent on the internal combustion engine, many animals are killed or wounded on our roads.  One of the first people to comment on the significance of roadkill was the American naturalist Joseph Grinnell; he estimated the mortality count in California (back in 1920 !!) ran into the hundreds if not thousands of animals every day. Read more...

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