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Wildlife surveys ~ by Lewis

Wildlife surveys

There is a considerable number of different surveys running throughout the country, some of which might hold a particular interest for you.  Many 'natural history' organisations / charities are dependent on the input from volunteers to monitor the status of plant and animal populations throughout the UK or specific local areas - especially in these financially difficult times. Here is a selection of surveys / organisations that are looking for some help and input :-

Bumblebee nests

Bumblebee watch

Great stag hunt

Traditional orchard survey

Hedgehog sightings

Butterfly sightings ( specifically painted lady and the humming bird hawk moth)

nb. they have an excellent butterfly identification page

National moth recording scheme

Living with mammals

Hedgerow survey

Help with the flora of north east England

Wild flowers count

Plant life photo competition

Juniper survey

National Bat Monitoring Program

Alien moth survey / horse chestnut trees

Soil /earthworm survey


Posted in: Flora & Fauna, ~ On: 7 May, 2011

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Pamela Oakley
14 February, 2012

At FIND we’ve created a new website which we think will be a useful tool for anyone involved in wildlife surveys.

sketchmap.co.uk is a unique website where people can quickly create maps and then add sightings and other information. It’s designed to be easy to use – so there’s no logging-in and no special software or training is necessary. Users can simply make a map and share it in seconds.

Sketchmap’s features include:
• six different drawing tools, including a fun freehand ‘sketch’ function
• four different map backgrounds including Google and Ordnance Survey
• ‘copy link’ function for sharing maps
• PDF option for printing

To create a map users simply go to the appropriate map location, choose a background, then draw, write or add symbols. Clicking the ‘copy link’ icon allows them to paste a link to their map into an email or to Facebook/Twitter etc.

To view a map users click on the link. If they want to make any changes they can unlock the map using the ‘padlock’ icon. This new map can then be shared using the ‘copy link’ icon.

A lot of work has gone into creating http://www.sketchmap.co.uk and we’re keen to let people know about it.

With kind regards


9 May, 2011

Feel free to add the link

Sarah Walters
9 May, 2011

There’s also the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) Birdtrack scheme, as well as Butterfly Conservation’s butterfly monitoring programme.

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