Hedgerow survey.

Hedgerow survey.

Out for a walk after the various festivities?  Perhaps you might be able to help the People’s Trust for Endangered Species by undertaking a hedgerow survey.  

Across the UK there are many, many hedgerows.  Hedgerows can

  • Provide shelter, homes, perches for a variety of animals, 
  • Food for mammals, birds and invertebrates in the form of flowers, berries and nuts.  
  • Harbour insects that act as important pollinators of wild flowers and crops.
  • Help to reduce flooding and soil erosion, 
  • Help mitigate air and water pollution levels 
  • Store carbon 
  • Act as corridors along which animals, such as hedgehogs and dormice can travel across the countryside.

The Trust is looking for volunteers to fill in a survey form and record features of their chosen hedge, such as 

  • the height, 
  • width, 
  • structure and 
  • which tree species are present. 

The results will help the trust to build a picture of the health of our hedgerows and how they are changing over time.  To find out more and to take part in the Great British Hedgerow Survey, visit the PTES website for more information : https://hedgerowsurvey.ptes.org/about-our-hedge-surveys


What a fantastic initiative by the People’s Trust for Endangered Species! Hedgerows are vital ecosystems that support a plethora of wildlife and contribute significantly to the health of our environment. Undertaking a hedgerow survey not only provides valuable data for conservation efforts but also offers a wonderful opportunity for individuals to actively engage with nature.

I encourage everyone to participate in the Great British Hedgerow Survey. By simply observing and recording the characteristics of a hedgerow, we can contribute to the preservation of these important habitats. Together, let’s make a difference for our wildlife and the future of our planet!

Andrew Luce

14 February, 2024

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