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Cooking and Campfires ~ by catherine

Cooking and Campfires

Everyone has to eat and fresh air builds appetites.  How do you set up an efficient camp fire that will cook your dinner without it taking hours or the contents of the pan ending upside down among the ashes?  Justin Sterry - the "Al Fresco Chef" - explains how to build tripods and pit fires in the second installment of Woodlands TV's Survival Series.  Justin is Down2Earth's wild food expert (and a professional chef).

Pick up some useful and ingenious tips from him on getting the best out of your campfire.  Down2Earth teaches bushcraft and survival skills in South Wales.  More details about their courses are available on their website, http://www.down2earthsurvival.com/.

See more demos and tips at http://www.woodlandstv.co.uk/

Posted in: Practical Guides ~ On: 6 February, 2009

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18 October, 2010

I’ll share this with my Scouts so we can extend our survival cooking skills. Thanks.

9 February, 2009

Very interesting and to the point – good video. Thanks.

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