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Greenridge - my wood.

Greenridge – my wood.

by Graham H ~ 17 May, 2012 ~ 6 comments

Having been born and brought up in rural Devon and then subsequently spending a career of 50 years at sea, the prospect of retirement with all its encumbrance of zimmer frames and wheel chairs was not sitting too comfortably on my shoulders. A year into this experience, at about the time the wife stopped talking to me, and with the feeling of guilt experienced every morning of really not doing very much constructive with my life, except walk the two Springers the obligatory six miles a day along the coast outside my home - it really felt as if the rot was well and truly starting to set in. That is until one day, whilst exploring a quiet part of Northumberland,  I espied a Woodlands.co.uk for sale sign. Read more...

Red squirrels in Scotland.

Red squirrels in Scotland.

by Dr Dick Morris ~ 28 July, 2011 ~ 8 comments

Threats to red squirrels.

The red squirrel is a delightfully charismatic species, which was once a common native over the whole of the UK, but in England is now restricted to a few small areas.  In Scotland, the situation is better, but even here there are only about 120 000 individuals. They represent 75% of the total UK population and are under serious threat, so any actions to protect them are to be welcomed.  There are two key threats,

  • changes to the woodlands in which they live, and
  • the so far relentless spread of the similar, but larger American grey squirrel. Read more...
Phytophthora ramorum – a parasitic fungus to look out for

Phytophthora ramorum – a parasitic fungus to look out for

by Rob Starbuck ~ 17 April, 2011 ~ 5 comments

Recently I wanted to find out more about Phytophthora ramorum so I went to a seminar that was organised by Natur  (The Welsh Institute for Countryside and Conservation Management) held in north Wales.

Seminar on Phytophthora ramorum
The seminar was specifically relevant for woodland owners, contractors and countryside workers. These groups are most likely to come into contact with this disease and therefore be well placed to identify it before it becomes established in a new location. There is also the danger that these groups could become vectors spreading the disease between sites. Read more...

Sudden Oak Death

Sudden Oak Death

by Chris ~ 30 July, 2010 ~ 11 comments

Sudden Oak Death is in the news. A number of the national and regional news programmes have recently carried reports of the felling of larch trees in the South West. Read more...

Red Band Needle Blight

Red Band Needle Blight

by Angus ~ 3 June, 2010 ~ 2 comments

This is an interesting and dramatic condition that affects various pines, especially Corsican Pine.   Thetford Forest in East Anglia has been severely affected by it. Of the 25,000 hectares of that forest,  about 13,000 ha are Corsican Pine.  Read more...

Damage by Grey Squirrels

Damage by Grey Squirrels

by Mike Thompson ~ 31 October, 2006 ~ 13 comments

The grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) is found throughout England, Wales and parts of Scotland. It was introduced between 1876 and 1930 from the States/Canada, probably on a number of occasions. In many parts of the UK they have displaced the native Red Squirrel. Grey squirrels eat an amazing variety of food – bark, buds, flowers, nuts, berries, seeds and fruit from many different species of shrubs and trees (and therein lies the problem). Read more...

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