From meadow to woodland.

From meadow to woodland.

Anyone who has worked with us at Hive Cleaning, knows that sustainability is one of our most important guiding principles, along with being an ethical employer and exceptional cleaning standards.  We take sustainability ambitions seriously and have reduced our direct emissions to zero and are on track to reach Net Zero in 2025.   However, we didn’t want to just focus on our day to day operations (being technically ‘green’) but wanted a direct involvement with nature and natural ecosystems; that’s how our idea of a reforestation project was born. 

We fell in love with a meadow (near Clovelly, in North Devon), a beautiful part of the world.  The meadow has stunning views and we could immediately imagine how tree planting in the meadow could further enhance the biodiversity and beauty of the area.

Hive Wood Sign

We have renamed Rosedawn Meadow to Hive Wood, and we are planning to plant over eight thousand trees over the next 15 years. As a part of our wider ESG strategy (this documents the company's impact on the environment) , we are committed to :

Recreate historic hedgerows around the boundary

● Only planting local native broadleaf tree species

● Measuring the sequestered carbon via Carbon Trust

● Never selling the carbon credits

● Never felling the trees (except where necessary in terms of  managing the wood)

● Improving biodiversity and creating a haven for flora & fauna

● Using Hive Wood to promote biodiversity and carbon reduction / sequestration.

We started the planting the trees and the hedgerow in March, this year.  So far, we have planted eight native species: 

  • sycamore, 
  • rowan, 
  • white 
  • poplar, 
  • sessile oak, 
  • buckthorn, 
  • black alder, 
  • blackthorn and 
  • hornbeam. 


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