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Some Simple Knots ~ by Tom

Some Simple Knots

Round turn and 2 half hitches

A simple knot for tethering, or attaching a mooring line.

Pass end round twice to take strain while you tie the knot.  Make a half hitch.  Pull it tight and make another, continuing in the same direction.  Pull this tight.


Reef Knot

The reef knot is the one we all know, but be careful.  It does slip and come undone quite easily so it’s not reliable for any load-bearing or where it’s important that the knot doesn’t undo.

Take the two ends and cross them over and tie first half hitch.  Keeping same rope end on top, tie the second half hitch.  Pull the ends to form an even, symmetrical knot

reef knot


Sheet Bend

For tying two ropes together.  They don’t need to be the same thickness, but note you are knotting the thinner onto the thicker.

Make a loop with the first/thicker rope.  Pass the 2nd/thinner rope through the loop and then around the loop making sure you are wrapping it round the shorter end first.  Finish by tucking the 2nd/thinner rope end through the centre of the loop, under itself.

sheet bend

Timber Hitch

This is useful for towing loads as it comes apart easily once it's not under tension.

Pass the rope around and then around the rope end.  Wrap the end round itself three times and tighten.  When the rope is pulled the tension will hold the knot.

timber hitch 1timber hitch 2


The bowline creates a loop at the end of your rope.  Think how big you want your loop.  Make a small loop where you want the knot to be.  Pass the end through this, but not all the way.  Pass it behind and back through the small loop and pull tight.

bowline 1bowline 2

Fisherman’s Bend

A secure way of joining two ropes of equal diameter together.

Lay the two ropes end to end overlapping. Pass the end of one around the other twice and then pass the end back through these turns and pull tight.  Repeat with the other rope.  Pull the ropes so that the knots tighten against each other.

fisherman's bend 1

Posted in: Practical Guides, Woodland Activities ~ On: 18 July, 2008

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13 March, 2009

7 March, 2009

How to do all of these knots in knot tying ?
1.Sheep shank
2. Slip knot

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