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Moths, moth species and their prevalence ~ by Mike Thompson

Moths, moth species and their prevalence

Moths, along with butterflies, belong to the taxonomic classification Lepidoptera. The name Lepidoptera derives from the Greek lepis (scale) and pteron (wing).

For information on how to distinguish between a butterfly and a moth, click here.

Almost 2,500 species of moth are thought to reside in the British Isles and these have in turn been grouped as macro-moths and micro-moths. As with most artificial categorisations, this is a somewhat misleading split - some of the micro moths are larger than some of the macro moths.

Peter Kirby of the Kent branch of Butterfly Conservation has done a number of surveys of moth populations in our woodlands:

Old Park Wood

Benacre Wood

Newlands Wood

Longbeech Wood

If you want to find out more about butterfly and moth conservation click here.

Posted in: Flora & Fauna ~ On: 24 May, 2006

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19 July, 2010

Not moths – but butterflies
At the end of July,
there is the BIG BUTTERFLY COUNT (2010) – see

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