Building a Tree Bog

Building a Tree Bog

When you don't want to go behind a tree, build a tree bog. Essential if you've got groups visiting your wood.
Jade Newton Gardener and "Huf " tell us about constructing their tree bogs, and how they work, in the latest Woodlands TV video clip.

Jade and Huf work with Play Action, a forest school.

See more demos and tips at http://www.woodlandstv.co.uk/

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A lot of questions about this can be answered and doubts/problems solved if you pick up a copy of ‘Humanure’ by Joseph Jenkins, or look at his numerous YouTube videos. 30 years of research to prove the simplest and most effective solution!


19 October, 2021

Hi I am wanting to build 2 tree bogs at an outdoor nursery. What is the environment legislation around them?
Who ran the tree bog course for you?

Lindsey Bielby

24 November, 2020


We are looking into the feasibility of installing tree bog toilets in a refugee camp in Haiti. We have a few questions regarding the toilets:

* Space requirements per toilets? How many people can use each toilet? Does it become full if too many people use it?

* The expected life of the system

Any assistance with the above matter would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards



23 June, 2011

sorry – fixed now. All our videos are available at http://www.woodlandstv.co.uk or on YouTube.


27 May, 2009

Sorry I missed out on this video, I was looking forward to it. I need to construct one in Wychwood Forest. Any chance of my viewing it elswhere?
Regards, Keith.


23 May, 2009