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Wildlife surveys

Wildlife surveys

by Lewis ~ 7 May, 2011 ~ 3 comments

There is a considerable number of different surveys running throughout the country, some of which might hold a particular interest for you.  Many 'natural history' organisations / charities are dependent on the input from volunteers to monitor the status of plant and animal populations throughout the UK or specific local areas - especially in these financially difficult times. Read more...

great tit

Feed The Birds?

by Chris ~ 10 October, 2008 ~ one comment

Whilst it always good to see wildlife in a natural setting, such as a woodland, it is also good to encourage wildlife in our gardens.

The woodland blog last year listed some of the strategies that might encourage insects and invertebrates in our gardens.  It is also possible to encourage birds into our gardens, just as Catherine wrote about managing woodlands for birds.  Many ‘everyday’ urban species of bird populations have declined in recent times: house sparrows by approximately 60% and starlings perhaps by 75%.  Read more...

Midges, Mosquitoes and Marmite - coping with insects in woodlands

Midges, Mosquitoes and Marmite – coping with insects in woodlands

by Angus ~ 13 June, 2008 ~ 30 comments

There are lots of ways to cope with the irritation of being bitten by insects in woodlands and here are some ideas from various experienced woodland workers.

Avoid Them Altogether

First of all consider when mosquitoes and midges are most active.  In the winter, early spring and autumn mosquitoes and midges are much less active so this is a good time to do your energetic, outdoor work.  Carbon dioxide from breathing and from forestry machinery will attract insects so it's good to avoid doing major forestry operations in the summer months if possible. Read more...

Dragonflies and Damselflies

Dragonflies and Damselflies

by catherine ~ 23 May, 2008 ~ 3 comments

Now the weather is warmer, dragonflies and damselflies are quite common around ponds and areas of water. Their beautiful iridescence and double wings are quite distinctive, but what is the difference between a dragonfly and a damselfly? Read more...

Butterflies and Woodlands

Butterflies and Woodlands

by Michael ~ 16 May, 2008 ~ 5 comments

Butterfly Conservation has just launched a £900,000 conservation scheme to encourage better woodland management for butterflies in the South-East. Read more...

Wood Ants

Wood Ants

by catherine ~ 18 April, 2008 ~ 5 comments

You might barely notice it at your feet, but the wood ant is important. It is an “indicator species”, that is, their presence indicates healthy woodland. Read more...

The Giant Oak Aphid

The Giant Oak Aphid

by Chris ~ 14 August, 2007 ~ comments welcome

The woodlands blog sometimes suggests ‘things that you can do'’ that can help various national organisations build up a picture of how our wildlife, climate or ecosystems might be changing.


This week you might like to have a look at the buglife website. Read more...

Moths Count 2007

Moths Count 2007

by catherine ~ 22 June, 2007 ~ one comment

The Moths Count project, run by Butterfly Conservation, is holding a number of events this summer to record national distribution of moths and to raise public awareness. The public are invited to take part in a programme of recording events: all you need is a torch and a pencil to record your findings. Read more...

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