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10 reasons to buy a woodland in 2017

10 reasons to buy a woodland in 2017

by Angus ~ 31 December, 2016 ~ 4 comments

2017 could be the right year to take the plunge into woodland ownership:

1.  Money in the bank continues to yield virtually nothing, so putting some of your savings into a woodland means having an investment that you can actually enjoy;

2.  Like it or not, 2017 will be the year of Donald Trump and the uncertainty and apprehension that this brings.  In an uncertain world, having a wood of your own which you can escape to is a great reassurance;

3.  A recent survey showed that teenagers with smart phones check them on average 150 times a day: a woodland is an antidote to overdosing on screen time.  Your children or grandchildren may be suffering a "nature deficit" and being able to visit a woodland is a good way to make up this shortfall and help them grow up more healthily;


Bird Decline Indicates Homogenised Woods

Bird Decline Indicates Homogenised Woods

by Esther Armstrong ~ 30 October, 2009 ~ one comment

With under-management diminishing woodland bird populations, landowners are being encouraged to act.

The population decline of woodland birds has been well documented in the national press: headline grabbing stories of the cuckoo’s demise and the lesser spotted woodpecker’s struggle for habitat are given plenty of column inches.  We wanted to get to the bottom of why woodland birds are in decline, what this means for the woods, and how the problem is being addressed?  Read more...

Re-introductions and rewilding

Re-introductions and rewilding

by Chris ~ 23 October, 2009 ~ 2 comments

Rewilding is a word that has been used often by the media in recent times.  Broadly speaking, it refers to the re-introduction of species to areas or habitats where they have 'died out', in some cases hundreds of years ago.  The list of animals considered for rewilding varies, but the elk, wolf, lynx, wild boar, beavers and bears are possible candidates.

Bears probably disappeared from the UK sometime in the 12th century, the lynx in mediaeval times, and the last grey wolf was recorded as being killed in Scotland in the 1700s.  The loss of such species may be associated in part with hunting but also the loss of forest and the clearance of woodland over the centuries. Read more...

Chainsaw Maintenance Pt 3 - Fixing A Slack Recoil Starter

Chainsaw Maintenance Pt 3 – Fixing A Slack Recoil Starter

by catherine ~ 23 October, 2009 ~ 2 comments

In our last chainsaw maintenance video Paul Collins shows us how to fix a slack recoil starter on a chainsaw. Read more...

Chainsaw Maintenance Pt 2 - Tensioning the Chain

Chainsaw Maintenance Pt 2 – Tensioning the Chain

by catherine ~ 16 October, 2009 ~ 2 comments

Paul Collins continues his demonstration by replacing the guide bar and showing how to adjust the tension of the chain. Read more...

Simple Soil Testing

Simple Soil Testing

by catherine ~ 24 April, 2009 ~ 3 comments

Professor Julian Evans demonstrates an easy way to determine soil type in the latest Woodlands TV video clip - sandy, clay, loamy, silt?  No special equipment required - just your fingers and bit of spit! Read more...

Why Buy a Woodland?

Why Buy a Woodland?

by catherine ~ 17 April, 2009 ~ 4 comments

It's a simple question, with many answers.  In the latest video clip, Woodlands TV asks some woodland owners why they bought their's. Read more...

The lesser celandine

The lesser celandine

by Chris ~ 20 March, 2009 ~ 5 comments

The lesser celandine (Ficaria verna) is a woodland plant that is to be found flowering in the early months (February & March) of the year, indeed Blamey, Fitter and Fitter refer to it as “one of the first heralds of Spring”.  Its rich, bright yellow flowers can form a carpet under the empty, leafless canopy of woodland (like bluebells, they take advantage of the light that is available for growth at this time of year). They are also to be found in hedgerows, the sides of streams and churchyards. Read more...

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