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Woodland Shelter Build.

Woodland Shelter Build.

by Mike Alex and Mark ~ 11 April, 2011 ~ 6 comments

A priority when staying out in the woods is a good water and wind proof shelter

The following photos show the construction of a hazel wood shelter to sleep 2-3 people.

We are out a lot, so we built it to last.

The photographs in the 'strip' below show the various stages in the construction of the shelter. Read more...

Are children suffering from a "nature-deficit"?

Are children suffering from a “nature-deficit”?

by Angus ~ 3 March, 2011 ~ 7 comments

This is the central question in Richard Louv's book, "Last child in the woods," and this concern is shared by the broadcaster Sir David Attenborough.  As Attenborough says, "all children start off being interested in the natural world, it's deep in our instincts...".    Children may have theoretical knowledge but not touchy-feely experience. As Louv explains, " children today are aware of global threats to the environment but their physical contact, their intimacy, with nature is fading."

Nature-deficit surveys
Natural England did a survey recently in which they examined changing relationships with nature across generations and they found that fewer then 10% of children now play in natural places (such as woodlands and heathlands) compared with 40% of today's adults who did so when they were young.  The BBC Wildlife Magazine carried out another survey which found that many children now cannot identify common species such as bluebells and frogs. Read more...

Forestry Commission disposals - more surprises!

Forestry Commission disposals – more surprises!

by Angus ~ 13 February, 2011 ~ 6 comments

Public access has dominated the debate on the proposed Forestry Commission (FC) forestry disposals, but behind the official documents there are a few less obvious but perhaps important implications:

The government don’t really trust the Forestry Commission, DEFRA or even politicians any longer as owners of the forests.  There have been some kind words said publicly about current management but it is clear from what’s being proposed that the government want to get this land out of FC hands just as soon as possible.  Read more...

WOODLAND TRUST : a leopard changing its spots?

WOODLAND TRUST : a leopard changing its spots?

by Angus ~ 18 December, 2010 ~ 17 comments

The Woodland Trust has been going since 1972 and has grown into quite a big organisation with a turnover of over £25 million per year and it owns over 1,000 woodlands covering about 50,000 acres.  It's big in other ways too with about 270 staff and a spanking new headquarters at Grantham which they moved into in mid-November 2010 and large collection of supporters and volunteers.  Last year, the membership topped 200,000 and this had doubled over the previous 9 years. Read more...

The Woodlands.co.uk Jargon Buster – Pt 2

The Woodlands.co.uk Jargon Buster – Pt 2

by Angus ~ 25 January, 2008 ~ comments welcome

At woodlands.co.uk we try to avoid using jargon, but if you’ve ever felt bamboozled here’s Part 2 of our “jargon-buster”.  This week, a list of commonly-used terms. Read more...

The Woodlands.co.uk Jargon Buster – Pt 1

The Woodlands.co.uk Jargon Buster – Pt 1

by Angus ~ 18 January, 2008 ~ 2 comments

Can you tell your SSSI from your SNCI?  People working with woodlands easily fall into using jargon.  At woodlands.co.uk we try to steer clear of these terms, but even we find ourselves slipping into jargon sometimes, so here’s Part 1 of our “jargon-buster”, a list of commonly used acronyms with a short explanation.  Read more...

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