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Bluebell Woods ~ by Michael

Bluebell Woods

One of the pleasures of working for Woodlands.co.uk is the opportunity to enjoy some really spectacular displays of bluebells at this time of year, for example Low Orltons Copse, Kilnfield Wood and Ball Wood in Sussex are beautiful now.  (You can see some pictures of these woods in the South-East section of the website.) 

However, for those of us who aren’t lucky enough to own our own wood (yet!), the National Trust has selected 10 of its best bluebell woodlands across England and Northern Ireland and you can see a list of these at http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/main/w-vh/w-visits/w-events/w-events-buebell_walks.htm .  Some also offer a downloadable wildlife walk leaflet.


The Woodland Trust website is also well worth a visit.  See http://www.woodland-trust.org.uk/whatsnew/furtherinfo/bluebellmain.htm for an interactive map to find a bluebell wood near you.  You can also watch them spread across the country from south to north through April and May in the "Nature's Calendar", and find out more about bluebells in the "Nature Notes".



Posted in: Flora & Fauna, Woodland Activities ~ On: 18 April, 2008

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20 March, 2013

Do you know of any travel companies that include exploring your lovely bluebell woodlands. I am planning a trip to UK (from Canada) and this would be a highlight for sure.

Nick Twinney
24 April, 2012

Had a little up to my local bluebell woods last week but it was tipping down with rain, do everything looked a little forlorn. They are at the top of Cleeve hill near the village of Claverham in north Somerset. http://nicktwinney.co.uk/2012/04/18/bells-made-out-of-blue/

28 March, 2012

Just seen the first bluebells in the woods at Orton Longueville, Peterborough!

Emma smith
12 March, 2012

I used to live in Four Marks and Weathermore Lane woods has fab array of bluebells.
Hope to take my kids there soon x

16 December, 2011

We would like to give a gift to a friend involving sponsorship of a bluebell wood. Do you know of any such scheme please?

12 May, 2011

Have you tried
it promises bluebell woods !!

12 May, 2011

Am having difficulty finding a link for bluebell woods in the West Midlands: every time I click on a link promising information, it takes me to a general site about woodland walks in England.
I went to a stunning bluebell wood 3 years ago with a cafe and shop nearby on site but cannot recall where it was. It was about 45 mins drive from Sutton Coldfield (North B’ham). I know it exists but can’t find it online. Very frustrating! Please help! Thanks.

3 February, 2011

The link was to a list produced by the National Trust.
No doubt, they have updated their site. If you go to their front page, then the search box will take you to a variety of bluebells woods.

frank stretton
3 February, 2011

You list the 10 best bluebell woods in the uk and you give a web site to click on, when the site is clicked it says that it can not be found.

not a lot of help.


peter clarke
13 April, 2010

I would like to take my wife for awalk through a bluebell wood
we live in Droylsden Manchester, can someone please help me?
Thanks, Peter

12 March, 2010

You might like to know about a new website http://www.openwoodlands.co.uk. This is a guide to forest and woodland open to the public across the Enland, Scotland and Wales. It has a handy postcode finder so you can find woodland that’s close to your home or where you’re going on holiday. Once you’ve visited, or if you have a favourite area, you can leave your comments on the site – what’s special about it, ease of access, local facilities, etc etc.

Peter Llewellyn
9 December, 2009

Just to be pedantic (sorry) – I doubt you’ll find any Spanish Bluebell growing in wild in the countryside in Britain.

The one you refer to is nearly always the hybrid between the Spanish and English Bluebell called Hyacinthoides x massartiana (not H. x variabilis) which is fertile with both seeds and bulbils. I’ve looked for years for the pure Spanish Bluebell in the countryside and haven’t found anything but the hybrid except very near people’s gardens or in disused plots. The only place I’ve seen Spanish Bluebell in the wild was – guess what – in Spain.

11 May, 2009

Bluebell Woods at Earlswood Solihull West Mids – an ancient woodland coppice “New Fallings Coppice” & “Cloweswood Woods” part of the olde Lords of Warwick Manor make a great little walk. I know its not in your area, but if you are this way – pop in Sat Nav B94 5JH take you to Earlswood Lakes Craft Centre for parking.

30 April, 2009

Dear Don

I’m afraid you’re confusing us with the Woodland Trust. It’s a great fundraising idea – they get £1 in donations per cartridge – and it helps with recycling. You can order bags from [email protected]. You can also recycle old Christmas cards by dropping them off at special Woodland Trust bins. http://www.woodland-trust.org.uk/index.htm

D Pearce
28 April, 2009

I am sending some empty printer cartridges to you via your Empty Cartridge appeal envelopes.Do you refill the cartridges and sell them ?.
My Best wishes to you and the work you are doing for the Bluebell Wood Charity.

Don Pearce.

linda wilson
25 April, 2009

Can you tell me where I can take my elderly mother to view a bluebell wood or just a good show of bluebells. She lives in West Sussex near Bognor Regis (post code PO22 7PZ) and cannot walk very far, so it would have to be somewhere I can park nearby….

Thank you in advance.

Linda Wilson.

8 May, 2008

4 May, 2008

Everyone who is likely to own a wood probably already knows that there are 2 kinds of bluebells. The English bluebell, which is becoming rarer, and the Spanish bluebell which is an excellent garden plant but should not be planted or dumped in the wild, as it competes and hybridises with the native sort, endangering them, an is hard to erradicate.

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