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BTCV – Conservation Volunteers ~ by daniel

BTCV - Conservation Volunteers

BTCV is a social enterprise group and charitable organisation that enables people to make a difference to their lives and to improve the places around them. They have the largest team of environmental volunteers in the country and have assisted at 50,000 sites across the UK. With 50 years worth of experience for engaging, reaching and inspiring volunteers and their communities, they are the confident pioneers of creating environmental capital.

Their expertise lies in practical projects such as maintaining woodland, moorland, wetlands, coastland, footpaths and community gardens / allotments.  They are able to create and manage wildlife habitats, plant trees, construct countryside furniture, promote gardening and food growing, and also have a strong education programme including the Diploma in Environmental Conservation. The projects are lead by experienced officers who provide an engagement towards volunteers and communities to help improve local sites.

Furthermore, they offer individuals a chance to improve their skills and to develop their talent whatever their ability. Health and wellbeing are also considered to be an improvement for all volunteers wherever they live.    BTCV believes in everyone’s right to a thriving environment, both locally and globally.  The core proposition is to enable a positive environmental action, and to create a culture of active involvement for everyone. As a result of this support and encouragement, people will think and act differently and work collectively through practical action to understand and improve their environment under the banner of, ‘Inspiring People, Improving Places’.

On Friday 8th October BTCV was invited to support Daniel Sharp of Woodlands.co.uk* at Dragons Wood near Chard in Somerset to create a new and beautiful natural setting soon to be available for visitors. Vegetation clearance was undertaken at the entrance to meet along the pathway to create more appealing and user friendly access.

The pathway flows down to the attractive new opening of the large pond where trees and bushes have now been removed to enhance its wildlife value. The volunteers also undertook extensive vegetation clearance from the pond into the wood to create a new walkway through the woodland where it will eventually join the other side of the site, giving the woodland better access and creating a more enjoyable adventure for visitors.

* https://www.woodlands.co.uk/community-woodlands/

Posted in: Community use, Flora & Fauna, Woodland Activities ~ On: 8 January, 2011

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Chris Bird
19 January, 2016

To whom it may concern,

I am enquirying about doing some volunteering work in a woodland, i would like to learn about managing the woodland and using the materials at hand to build fences etc. I am currently out of work and would like to gain some experience that i could use for my own business in this field.

Please can you advise how i go about doing this, i currently live in west London,

I look forward to hearing from you soon,



Stephen Dodgson
1 November, 2013

I am a green woodworker but having difficulty sourcing material. I was wondering if you knew any body coppicing wooland.
I am willing to pay for it if so could you email me

Veronica Harris
2 September, 2011

Corrections to that comment!!! – ‘…they MAY know of…’ and ‘Cheers AND good luck…’

Veronica Harris
2 September, 2011

Best to contact your local Wildlife Trust or local BTCV and ask them; there may be issues of insurance etc to deal with so be prepared for that. If they can’t help they man know of others who can.

Cheers ang good luck, the site sounds lovely!

patricia rowan
14 January, 2011

HI. I HAVE 6 ACRES OF MOSTLY SCOTTS PINE WOODLAND IN NORFOLK. WE HAVE CLEARED A CLEARING IN THE CENTRE WHICH GIVES LIGHT AND AIR. HOWEVER ONE OF OUR MAIN AIMS IS TO THIN {I HAVE A FELLING LICENCE} AND MORE CREATIVELY MAKE PATHS AND GLADES WHICH WILL ENABLE SOME DISABLED PEOPLE TO ENJOY MOVING AROUND IN. I AM PARTIALLY DISABLED WITH GAMMY HIPS! BUT MY DAUGHTER WHO TRAINED IN EAST ANGLIA IN ARBORICULTURE, NOW WORKS FOR THE ‘norfolk coalition for disabled people” and “independent living” both large charities. Can you please therefore give me some info as to how to go about finding some volunteers to help making paths etc. we have a hut in the wood and can easily accomodate several people. Thankyou from patricia rowan…

11 January, 2011

I started a course with BCTV last thursday and I am really looking forward to continuing to end.

I am planning on starting up a smallholding with my wife, we are looking for minimum 3 acres as far from civilisation as possible.
I am positive that the skills I learn with BCTV will assist us enormously with our new forthcoming lifestyle change.

Live the dream don’t dream to live!


10 January, 2011

It’s been over 20 years since I was a volunteer for the BTCV in North Yorkshire and I’m still using the skills and knowledge that I picked up from back then. It is a good way to meet other like minded people of all ages in your local area and learn new skills in a friendly informal atmosphere. It’s a great organisation that really changed the direction of my life and I look back at my time with them with great affection.

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