Forest School : at woodlands.co.uk

Forest School : at woodlands.co.uk

"Forest School" is a programme that developed in Sweden in the 1950’s.   It concentrates on delivering education in an outdoor environment. A study carried out concluded that children who experienced learning in an outdoor setting were more balanced, more socially developed, had deeper concentration levels and better coordination.

Today, outdoor learning has shown to increase attainment and attendance levels in students. It is also shown to increase self esteem, confidence and communication skills.

Below are some pictures of a recent camp and activities. It was a great experience for the boys, most of which had never been away from home before. The camp was part of their Asdan/Cope award. They learn a range of life skills as well as taking part in leisure activities and voluntary work. The qualification is equivalent to a GSCE, which is a major achievement for many of these students.

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which way up ?

Setting up camp

camp fire

Enjoying an evening around the camp fire

cooking on the fire

preparing a meal


any one for mash

Anyone for mash?

Enjoying the meal

Enjoying the meal


A make shift swing......


March wood

Karen Little
Level 3 Forest School Practitioner & Coordinator for the Environment and Land Based Centre
The North School
Tel: 01233 614630




I have a wood within Waste Wood, which Smile Meadow is a part of.
I’m just posting to express my condolences about the mindless vandelism that has destrored your benches and teaching shelter… So stupid and pointless.
We’ve had our fair share of this within Waste Wood itself. Recently we marked all the culverts along the main track, after an accident with a quad bike, so that no one, permitted or otherwise, falls into one and hurts themselves. Last weekend some bright spark decided to rip all the culfert markers out and hide them!
Colectively, last year, we spent £10,000 pounds and many hundreds of hours of our own labour maintaining that track, that we kindly allow local people and walkers to use. It’s so saddening. You’re nice to the locals and other walwers and then they [a few entitled, selfish, local folk I expect] P**s on you from a great height. Very disshartening.
If you need any help rebuilding the school shelter do ask.


Richard Cooper

15 July, 2019

Great to see Forest School gets a mention here on woodlands.co.uk.
More schools should take it up.

Andy Tate

29 September, 2014

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