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Sled Dog Training ~ by Mandy

Sled Dog Training

Sled Dog training in Warleigh Woods.   We were invited by woodlands.co.uk to use Warleigh Woods as a training ground for our teams of Siberian Huskies. An opportunity quite rare to us, as we are normally faced with lots of red tape and battles with the Forestry Commission.

On the May Bank Holiday weekend, we teamed up with some old friends and their pack of 17 huskies, for some serious training.  The first two teams out were Ged (my husband) and his six-dog team of Yashkino Siberian Huskies, closely followed by Elaine with her six-dog Anakusack huskies.

It had been raining on and off most of the morning, and both teams soon found out there was very little braking on the rig (our sled with wheels); as the dogs thundered through the woods covering speeds of up to 20 miles per hour.

We had previously walked the course and left some red markers, GEE -right turn. HAW -left turn.  The trails weren’t technical, Haw, Haw, Haw, Haw all the way round. In places Warleigh Woods is probably the best rollercoaster in the world  There were large ruts at the bottom of the woods that need T.L.C. but I think Elaine and Ged were happy - as they slowed their teams right down.  Both teams came in, dogs unharnessed and watered, then it was our turn!

Steve, Elaine’s husband and myself both opted to run teams of two dogs! Having far more control, we set off. My two lead dogs, Laska and Yana took every turn they were told, took it steady when asked and worked hard to get me up the hill towards the end of the trail. It was here that I managed a glance all around me. Taking in the extraordinary scenery, ancient woodland, a carpet of the bluest bluebells, the smell of wild garlic filling the air….and Steve’s bald head bobbing up and down behind me, running up the hill to help his girls!    Bringing back fond memories of when we competed together in Wales, where we crossed the finish line together in fits of laughter!

Back at the vans, dogs sorted, fed watered and put to bed for the night. It was now time for our Musher’s meeting

Posted in: Community use, Woodland Activities ~ On: 5 June, 2010

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Ian Benbow
21 February, 2018

We have a Siberian Husky who is 1 year old and we love taking him for long walks, however we really want to introduce him to more physical activities such as sledging as we are very conscious Sibe’s need substantial exercise. We live in Aberdare south wales and there is very little enclosed spaces where we can just let Loki go. If anyone needs an additional do to join their team or can advise how we can increase Loki’s exercise, it would be greatly appreciated

14 January, 2016

I have a Samoyed puppy that I am looking to train into dry land scootering. I am based in Hampshire uk and have no idea where to go to get started

20 March, 2014

Mandy, this occurred due to your inflammatory comments. If anyone is the blame it is you. If you are prepared to slate a group due to one person’s comments then you should expect people to respond. In future, may i suggest you slate in private once you have obtained ALL of the facts rather than in public to save yourself further embarrassment. And to be honest you owe Malamute Matters an apology

Mandy Boydell
20 March, 2014

I am shocked and deeply saddened with what has happened to this light hearted blog, about TRAINING SLED DOGS!!!!! Again the bitchfest of the inexperienced “Rescues” has taken over! If you all stop shouting at each other, pulling hair and your other playground games…..and COMMUNICATE with each other, then most of this would not be on here! We have mentored many people through out the years, as and when our experience is called upon. When someone asks for my help, I try to give it! Simples! ;)

Lindsey Davis
19 March, 2014

sorry that should have read “did not put that” – should make sure I double proof read

Lindsey Davis
19 March, 2014

Monique I know you did put that – it was Mandy on her facebook page (which has now been deleted) and I was commenting to her. My apologies if you took offence

Monique Pritchard
19 March, 2014

Lindsay Davies, I have not used those words I am ashamed. Get your facts correct. Malamute matters delivered shadow to us,he was taken in by SSDR.I am in contact with the rescue,and we are all trying to find shadow the right home. So if you could all put your energy into that be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Lindsey Davis
19 March, 2014

Malamute Matters are not a rescue organisation. They are a fund raising organisation who do an awful lot of good in raising funds for various rescue organisations (not just malamutes either). Through their facebook page they highlight dogs which are with rescue organisations to help to get them homed, but are not involved in the homing process unless it is to help with transport or funds. Please make sure you get your facts right before you start to tell people that you are ashamed of an organisation when you don’t even know about them.

Dawn Fido
19 March, 2014

Monique please speak to Heather at Saints, this dog belongs to Saints and cannot be moved elsewhere without their permission, I have been informed they are currently trying to assist you and have been in contact daily!

19 March, 2014

Malamute Matters are not a rescue organisation, they help raise funds for other rescues and do not rehome dogs. Monique, please can you confirm the name of the rescue (or if it was a private rehome) so this can be cleared up. Mandy, please ensure that you have all of the facts before spreading information that is not true

Dawn Fido
19 March, 2014

Monique – has you know Malamute Matters are NOT a rescue but work with rescues and crosspost for them. Your dog was taken on through Saints Sled Dog Rescue, who have since come to your aid and rehomed the dog.

Malamute Matters have no say in where the dogs go as we a meerly a conduit of information FOR rescues, ie we use our social media platform to get the word out.

Thank you.

Mandy Boydell
19 March, 2014

Monique Prichard, I have put this on Facebook and made it public, please find me on there, and we will all try to help asap!

Monique Pritchard
18 March, 2014

Hi there we took in a 4 year old mal, from malamute matters. Just over a week. We were told he would fit in with our family. In fact he has been aggressive towards my 6 year old daughter and it has.got worse asweek gone on. He walks well with our other mal, but as soon as home there is territorial and jealousy issues. Again this is getting worse rather than better. We are managing situation but it is causing our family distress. He is a loving needy dog that needs a no children home. We have gone back to rescue and they are trying to find home whether foster or adoptive. I am also using contacts.within your community can you spread the word and see if we can find him the right home.appreciate any help, best. Wishes b

26 December, 2013

Hi, I have a Siberian Husky and a Malumate that I would like to introduce to sleding, is there someone who can give me advise on getting started please? I live in Dorset. Regards Scott

Mandy Boydell
23 October, 2013

Jane Thompson, Please find me on facebook! I can put you in touch with people who know the breed. If you cant find me, go to the Siberian Husky club GB facebook page and leave a comment. I am sure someone will be able to help you.

Jane Thompson
22 October, 2013

Can anyone please help me.
I have a 15 month old male malamute, he was castrated when he was approximately 10 months old. He is crate trained, and has been since I got him as a puppy at 8 weeks old. I have taken him to puppy training classes, and hired a specialist who comes out approx once every two months to help with training (the chap has a team of 11 huskies). Last week, while on a walk with my son, and with no prior warning he jumped up and put his paws on my son’s shoulders – my son is 33 and approx 5ft 10 tall. My son told him “down” and as he got off of my sons back, he bit my son on the upper arm, just slightly breaking the skin. As the dog dropped down, he then bit my son on the groin. This was totally out of character, so I took him to the vets to have him checked over, and he had a very very slightly above normal temp, so the vet gave him an injection of anti-biotics. Yesterday while I was walking him, he jumped up onto my shoulders (from behind), I told him “no – down”, he growled visciously and bit me on the arm. I took him back to the vets, who checked his temperature again, and said it was normal. There is no reason he should be behaving this way. The vet said if Id asked to put him down, she would have no hesitation because of the bite history, even though he is only 15 months old. I am so desperate for help with him, I cant see his life being ended so young, but know it would be wrong to re-home him when he has he biting issue. I have the trainer coming out tonight to have a look at my dog to see if there is anything I am missing. For information: he is walked three times a day.

15 May, 2011

How many years you train your dogs to be tame like this? I’m interested to have dogs like yours.

21 March, 2011

if you have 6 dogs, that will pull a four wheeler around on trails in the wood for hours, and not get tired. if they are wolf cross breeds, they require daily interaction. Depending on the % of wolf, the higher ones can sometimes turn on you, its their natural animal instincts.

Viola Woolcott
4 March, 2011

This sounds like a GREAT opportunity. Nice to know that there are people out there sharing experiences. ;-)


3 March, 2011

so fabulous blog ive seen about training dogs

Laura Ashton
14 June, 2010

Great article!
It can be so hard to find places to train with huskies and this looks fabulous.

Nigel Garner
11 June, 2010

Well done to everyone!
Great to see a new ground opening up. .

9 June, 2010

Great to see such positive press about working Sibes. I tried for many years to gain a permit to train in my local woodlands without success. I hope these pictures of happy sibes being run by responsible owners leads to more woodlands being made available.
Well done Woodlands.co.uk

steve hall
9 June, 2010

Would like to thank the woodlands team for allowing us this opportunity to train on a different ground; it was a great weekend for us and the dogs; nice kind trails to the dogs’ feet – just a few ruts but other than that a great trail
steve & elaine
anakusak huskies

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