A woodlands.co.uk themed quiz

A woodlands.co.uk themed quiz

Firstly think trees

Perhaps not the youngest tree around

Someone crazy about bricks and mortar?

There's two of these trees by the sound of it ?

Would you find this tree close to the sea?

There's nothing fancy about this tree

If you're up one of these, you definitely stuck!

Morecambe, San Francisco and Bengal have this tree in common

Now think flowers and plants

Who is the patron saint of gardeners, horticulture, florists, brides and brewers?

What is pomology the study of?

Vanilla flavouring is derived from which flower?

Which fruit was cultivated from crossing a blackberry and a raspberry? 

What colour is a Welsh poppy? 

Which football team is nicknamed the Cherries, after their stadium was built on a cherry tree orchard?

What is the biggest seed in the world?

These emojis might signal a tree or two







Answers  here



Thanks – will inspire friends to lots of laughter and discussion – thanks – Gordon

Gordon Thomson StevensonT

24 December, 2021

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