The “woodlands.co.uk” Christmas Tree Quiz

The "woodlands.co.uk" Christmas Tree Quiz

Hopefully, you can print out this quiz and then ask your Christmas guests and family what they know about the Christmas tree.

1. In the UK, what is the most common species commercially grown for Christmas Trees?

2. Roughly how many commercially grown Christmas Trees are harvested in Europe each year?

3. In the US, how many artificial Christmas Trees are sold each year?

4. How old is a typical Christmas tree?

5. Roughly how many Christmas trees can you grow in an acre?

6. Each year Norway gives a tree to London.  Why?

7. The first tree is said to have been decorated in Riga, Latvia.  Roughly, how long ago was that?

8. Which US President banned Christmas Trees from the White House for environmental reasons?xmas tree 2

9. Who first developed electric lights for Christmas trees?

10. Who first hung presents on Christmas Trees?


1. Nordman Fir,

2. 60 million,

3. 10 Million,

4. 7-10 years,

5. 500-1,000,

6. Gratitude for help in WW2,

7. 500 years,

8. Teddy Roosevelt,

9. Edward Johnson with Thomas Edison,

10. The Druids.

xmas tree 3


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