Half-term with Woodlands.co.uk

Half-term with Woodlands.co.uk

It’s half-term and an excellent opportunity to get the children outside, particularly if the beautiful weather we’ve had for the last few days holds up. 

Even if it doesn’t, just put on another layer and your waterproofs.  Here are Woodlands.co.uk’s suggestions for some woody half-term activities – and best of all, they’re absolutely FREE.

-         go for a walk (and take a notebook to record/sketch what you see)

-         explore

-         build a camp

-         cook sausages/toast marshmallows

-         make some bannock bread

-         brew some nettle tea

-         build a den

-         make a swing

-         make a bird box to mark National Nest Box Week

-         play hide and seek

-         make a bow and arrows

-         play at Robin Hood

-         take a map and a compass and try orienteering

-         climb a tree

-         learn your trees

-         lie on your back and look up at the canopy

-         take photographs

-         take a magnifying glass and look at the lichen really close up

-         look for an ancient tree

-         see how many creepy crawlies you can find in an old fallen tree

-         make your own nature trail

-         research the history of your local woodland through old maps and its woodbanks

-         listen to the birds

-         do some animal tracking

-         count the snowdrops

-         put your wellies on and paddle in the stream

-         make a dam

-         play pooh sticks

-         take a jam jar and do some pond dipping

-         fish

-         make a toy boat

-         learn to whittle

-         make pictures with fallen leaves, etc

-         look for interestingly-shaped pieces of wood – it’s a sculpture!

-         write a haiku or poem

-         write a story 

-         take your paints and pencils

-         get muddy

-         just sit and listen to the silence

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