Grey Squirrel Control – a video presentation with Julian Evans

Grey Squirrel Control - a video presentation with Julian Evans

Following on from his video on grey squirrel damage, Professor Julian Evans discusses ways of controlling them.

Lots more discussions, demos and tips at http://www.woodlandstv.co.uk/

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A rock is inanimate.
Trees and plants, like animals, are living – not inanimate.


7 April, 2013

Anyone who thinks an inanimate tree is worth the terrible suffering an animal goes through when killed with Warfarin has a frightening lack of compassion, not to say a warped sense of proportion. How such people can call themselves lovers of wildlife is beyond me.


6 April, 2013

I live in the West End of Glasgow in a housing estate. I have noticed on occasion a Grey Squirrel running along my bag fence, but this morning I was sitting in the conservatory and one came to the door and sat on his back feet and it was like he was doing sign language. He(or she) sat for a a few minutes – using front feet? one at a time and tapping his/hers chest and staring looking at me – I never moved other than to talk to him/her- it just kept patting its chest.

Ive never seen a squirrel come so close- I used to take my grandchildren to feed them in Pittencrief Park in Dunfermline, but they never ever came close – if you made a move towards them they vanished.

This one was definately not going to vanish.


June Bell

24 September, 2010

I enjoyed watching this Video so have posted a link to it on the new Red Squirrel Forum.

Dick Glasgow

15 August, 2010

Adrian, Warfarin is mixed with corn, Its a very good product. I would not mix it with peanut butter with Warfarin. You should note that it is a criminal offence to use Warfarin within 10Km of red squirrel populations.
Only trained operators can buy warfarin bait.

Hoppers should hold no more than 4 kg bait and be clearly labeled with a warning that they contain a poison.

The Grey Squirrels (Warfarin) Order 1973 permits the poisoning of grey squirrels with the anticoagulant warfarin for the purpose of tree protection. The Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986 specifies, on the product label (ref. MAPP 13020_Grey Squirrel Bait) how, where and when it may be deployed. These specifications include the bait, and the design and dimensions of the hopper.

Hope this helps any questions free free to ask.

Shaun Marshall

5 April, 2010

Prof Evans mentions the special boxes for poison. What is their spec and/or where can they be obtained. What is the warfarin mixed with and how? I use peanut butter in the traps, would this mix with the poison?
I find that trees of nearer to 10 years old are the most vulnerable.

Adrian Cook

23 March, 2010