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tools before

New tools for old

by Dick ~ 24 June, 2020 ~ 4 comments

About 2 months ago, mid-lockdown, I had a major calamity: my outbuildings burned down (see image below), cause unknown although the fire brigade investigating officer suspected a carelessly discarded cigarette butt (the buildings back on to a road).  Although it was originally a stable block, built by the previous owner of the property, I used it as workshop / equipment store / timber store. Everything went: trailer, wood-chipper, ride-on mowers, chainsaws, brush-cutters ….  Even now, after 5 A4 sides of contents lists for the insurers, I am still remembering other things that were stored there.

After a couple of days wandering aimlessly around the wreckage, looking at a heap of ash and cinders which had previously been a stack of oak boards that had been seasoning for about 3 years, I started ‘tidying up’ – shovelling the ash into heaps and sorting the remains into separate stacks: wood, metal and other / unidentifiable. Read more...

Sharing forestry tools and meeting people through streetbank.com

Sharing forestry tools and meeting people through streetbank.com

by Angus ~ 30 May, 2014 ~ one comment

You need a tool but don't want to buy it.  You have a piece of forestry equipment and wonder if anyone else could use it. You want to know how to sharpen a chainsaw but don't know anyone nearby who could teach you how.  All these and many other problems would be solved if there were a website that put you in touch with neighbours who could help or who need help.  If such a platform existed it would help solve your problem and you would make friends locally.  In fact such a website exists already!   Streetbank.com was established as a not-for-profit enterprise to allow people to share things and skills for no cost, and it really works. Read more...

Greenridge Wood – Part Deux.

Greenridge Wood – Part Deux.

by Graham H ~ 5 July, 2012 ~ 3 comments

The mighty plans of men and beasts continue unabated with hiccups and head aches aplenty. Initial development, towards my utopian woodland haven, has taken its first faltering steps. A sixty metre fish pond has been excavated by Edward the Volvo digger man (is that advertising?) and to my eyes closely resembles, in all its murky watered splendour, a part of the Grand Canal in Venice, however an ex sea going friend tells me it looks more like the Suez Canal between Al Kantara and the Bitter Lakes, with trees. Each to their own, say I.

The recent rains have caused havoc with the continuing plans for this feat of civil engineering because it flooded up rapidly before I could install some piping Read more...

woodland shed

What do woodland owners do about sheds for storage ?

by Angus ~ 19 May, 2011 ~ 47 comments

Some people who manage their own woodlands feel it would be easier if they had a shed or building to store things and to shelter when it rains. In principle, local authorities are positive about this as they want to see woodlands managed but in practice planning officers often fear that sheds are the thin end of a wedge that will end up with a residential development which doesn't fit within the local development plan. Read more...

A weekend at the woodland skills centre

A weekend at the woodland skills centre

by Jenny and John ~ 12 November, 2010 ~ 2 comments

Our weekend at the woodland skills centre was an immensely satisfying experience. We attended the green woodworking course, spending 2 days making a three legged stool, learning in a process a number of techniques. We began with the raw material, having to split ash logs with a froe, before roughly shaping them with an axe.    Read more...

Old Woodworking Tools - from billhooks to portable Anvils

Old Woodworking Tools – from billhooks to portable Anvils

by Angus ~ 15 October, 2010 ~ 10 comments

Why do people buy old tools?  According to Ian Fraser, who sells hundreds of antique tools each year, they are mainly bought to be restored and used.  Tools such as billhooks and draw knives can be expensive to buy new and often the older tools have blades which can be more easily resharpened. Read more...

Woodland pedestrian gates (2)

Woodland pedestrian gates (2)

by Stuart ~ 14 August, 2010 ~ comments welcome

Now to hang the gate.

Put the top piece of furniture on the gate. We will leave the bottom one for now as this enables us to reverse the hinges on the gate and prevent it being carried off by anyone. Now decide how high you want the gate off the ground. Read more...

Chainsaw Maintenance Pt 1 - Guide Bar Maintenance

Chainsaw Maintenance Pt 1 – Guide Bar Maintenance

by catherine ~ 9 October, 2009 ~ one comment

Our previous chainsaw maintenance video has been so popular Woodlands TV has filmed another. Looking after your guide bar is presented by Paul Collins, Head of Department (Forestry and Arboriculture) at Plumpton College. Read more...

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