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Horse chestnut leaf miner moth – help needed ~ by Lewis

Horse chestnut leaf miner moth - help needed

The leaf miner moth (Cameraria ohridella) that arrived in the UK about a decade ago has spread widely, and many horse chestnut trees have been ravaged by its activities (see related posts / links). The brown, lifeless leaves that dangle from the branches in late summer are a clear sign of the activities of this insect.  It had been hoped that certain parasitoid wasps might help control the leaf miner, but this is not the case. There is now the suggestion that birds, like blue tits, might help.

To find out whether this is the case, the CONKER TREE SCIENCE project http://www.conkertreescience.org.uk/ is asking for volunteers to take part in a nationwide survey. This project is run from the NERC’s Centre for Ecology and Hydrology and the University of Hull. All that is involved is checking a conker tree near you for the characteristic damage that birds make when they peck out the larvae from the leaf – leaving a ‘gash’ in the leaf surface. Then all you have to do is to report back your findings on the website - by 23rd September.

Posted in: Flora & Fauna, Pests & Diseases ~ On: 11 September, 2012

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23 July, 2014

There is information on the forestry commission website, for example,

Patrick Knight
23 July, 2014

My horse chestnuts have this problem. Is there any remedy?
Please email me if you have a solution

Clive Cowling
13 August, 2013

About 6years ago I sent some leaf samples to the Alice Holt place at Farnham Surrey to confirm Leaf Moth…which they did..not a lot of help was forwarded..however the samples were obtained from the trees at Trago Mills, Newton Abbot, Devon…to date these trees are now absolutely riddled with the disease.
So far the tree I planted..which is about two miles away has so far escaped, its now about twelve foot high..I shall do my best to keep it safe, but I’m an Engineer and not an expert as they are at Alice Holt!!!

1 November, 2012

Any more news on the ash tree fungus ?????

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