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Threats to the Honeybee

Threats to the Honeybee

by Chris ~ 18 August, 2010 ~ 11 comments

At the start of the twentieth century, it has been estimated that there were about one million beehives in the U.K. Now the number is about 280,000; there has also been a significant decline in the number of beekeepers. Read more...

Gardens, wildlife and our cities

Gardens, wildlife and our cities

by Chris ~ 17 July, 2007 ~ 6 comments

Sadly, many ordinary gardens in the UK's cities are vanishing. Front gardens are used to create off-road parking areas, whilst many large back gardens are being sold for housing developments. The London Wildlife Trust offers some suggestions on mitigating the effects of the loss of such areas. Read more...

Beewatch 2007 - Plight of the Bumblebee

Beewatch 2007 – Plight of the Bumblebee

by catherine ~ 3 May, 2007 ~ 19 comments

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust, based at Stirling University, needs your help in recording sightings of bumblebees. They would like you to record what species you see, where and how many, and take pictures of any unusual specimens. Go to http://www.bumblebeeconservationtrust.co.uk/surveys.htm to find out how to take part.


bumble bee


by Chris ~ 1 August, 2006 ~ 12 comments

Bumblebees are regarded as nice, gentle creatures; even their buzzing has a placid, reassuring sound. They rarely sting and are important pollinators in orchards, on farms and in our gardens. Sadly, however, they are under threat. Many species of bumblebee are on the decline and have been, according to some authors, since the late 1950’s.

Their decline is often attributed to the introduction of intensive agricultural techniques. For example, Read more...

Helping nature...

Helping nature…

by Angus ~ 16 June, 2006 ~ one comment

Climate change will probably mean that the UK will experience warmer, drier summers and stormier, wetter winters more often. These in turn may affect the feeding grounds of birds and other mammals. Obviously, maintaining the diversity of habitats in woodlands can help many species but the same is true of our gardens. Small changes in the way in which we garden Read more...

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