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Common Mallow – Malva sylvestris

mallow flower 2

Flowers and Fruits

Flowers are present June to september.  They are carried on stalks and the petals have a purple / pink colour with distinctive darker veins.

There are five 'notched' petals and underneath these are five largish sepals.   The fruit (if formed) is a ring of nutlets - shaped a bit like a doughnut.

mallow leaf

Leaves and Stem

The leaves on the stem have between 5 or 7 lobes, / divisions whereas those close to the ground are more rounded (or have shallow lobes).

The plant can be quite 'hairy' as seen on these flower buds

(below):mallow hairs

mallow plant

Ecology and other notes

The common mallow or Malva sylvestris is a perennial.

It can grow to a height of 90 cm (circa 3 feet).

It is to be found on well drained soil - in sheltered places.

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