Wood Avens or Herb Bennet

Leaves and stem


The leaves (and stem) are hairy / downy, and the leaves usually have three lobes with serrated or toothed edges. They are quite variable in shape.


The lower surfaces of the leaves are particularly hairy and the main veins prominent.

Flowers and Fruits


The flowers appear between May and August and have 5 bright yellow petals. They are about 1 - 2 cm across.

There are many stamens - which are yellow like the petals.

The styles have a reddish tinge, which becomes more noticeable as the fruit develop.


The sepals are triangular, green and hairy. They 'bend' backwards away from the petals - see photo.

Ecology and other notes


Wood Avens or Herb Bennett (Geum urbanum) is a common flower of the hedgerow and woodland. It is a perennial amd a member of the Rose family - Rosaceae.

It is a foodplant for certain caterpillars (e.g. those of the grizzled skipper butterfly).

The seed heads when they form are spiky, reddish brown and easily attach to animals that brush against them.