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Herb Robert

Leaves and Stem

The leaves of herb robert are often a 'bright' green.


The leaf is divided into 3 to 5 lobes that are arranged in a palmate fashion - indicated by the red lines on the adjacent image.

The lobes are further divided in a pinnate manner - yellow lines on the image; so the leaf has a complex, delicate appearance.  Sometimes the leaves may be tinged with red.

The stem is often red in colour and has noticeable hairs.  The plant is quite variable in height but can reach 40 cm+.

Herb Robert Flower

Flowers and Fruits


The flowers are approx 15 to 18 mm across, and their anthers produce an orange pollen.


The flower buds are very hairy - see image below.

The flowers may be produced from April through to October.


Ecology and other notes

Herb Robert is sometimes regarded as an ancient woodland indicator species, it is found in woodlands and hedgerows. It belongs to the Cranesbill family - the Geraniaceae (which as a group are quite 'hairy' plants).

Adjacent image is of red and hairy stem. 

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