Silverweed cinquefoil

Leaves and stem


The leaves of this plant are quite distinctive. They are pinnate, being made up of numerous leaflets - which have a toothed edge or margin.

The leaves are 'silvery' especially on the underside / lower surface - see image at foot of the page.

Flowers and Fruits

flower silverweed

The flowers are born on long stalks which arise in the leaf axils.

calyx silverweed

They are a bright yellow with 5 petals and noticeable, 'pointed' green sepals - see image of calyx / sepals.

Ecology and other notes

underside silverweed

Said to be the only common flower with silvery, pinnate leaves *.

Its distribution is widespread, and the plant is common in damp grassy areas and also 'waste lands' and sand dunes.

It is a perennial, and can spread by means of its long, rooting runners.