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Leaves and Stem

The leaves have an oval shape and are not particularly pointed, nor are they toothed (see also image below).


The lower leaves may have a more pronounced leaf stalk or petiole.  The stem is roughly square in cross-section.


Small hairs may be seen on the stem - see adjacent image.

flower selfheal 2

Flowers and Fruits

The flowers are generally a violet colour, but can have a more pinkish hue.

Each flower has four stamens  and the petals form two prominent lips.

The sepals (calyx) are clearly visible, pointed and are purple to violet in colour.

The flowers may be arranged in a' square shape' when viewed from above.

flower selfheal

selfheal plant

Ecology and other notes

Selfheal is another member of the labiate family - LAMIACEAE, as are the mints and deadnettles.  They have the characteristic two lipped flowers, which are carried on 'square' stems.


Selfheal (Prunella vulgaris) is a perennial, with a creeping habit.  It is described as downy or soft to the touch.  Its name derives from its former use by herbalists for cuts, sore throats and skin inflammations - for further information visit the Kew website.

It is often found in grasses places and hedgebanks.  It is found in flower from June onwards.

self heal

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