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White Bryony

bryony leaf and tendril 1

Leaves and Stem

White Bryony is a member of the cucumber family.  It is a perennial and a climber.

It has palmate lobed leaves that are a rather pale, dull green; long tendrils also arise near the base of the leaf stalk (visible in adjacent image).

Bryony uses these tendrils to scramble through hedges etc.

white bryony flower

Flowers and Fruits

The flowers occur in clusters.  There are separate male and female flowers.  The male flowers are larger than the female ones.  They have 5 sepals, and 5 green veined petals, and 5 stamens (one free and two joined pairs).

The female flowers are smaller and have 3 downy stigmas.  Bee pollinated.

The petals have small hairs on them - see image.

bryony flower hairs

bryony plant

Ecology and other notes

White bryony is sometimes known as wild cucumber or dog's cherries (referring to the red berries that form) - its scientific name is Bryonia alba.


The leaves, the root and berries are poisonous - see also Plants for a future


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