Meadow vetchling or pea

Leaves and stem

vetch leaf

The stem is somewhat angular, and the leaves appear as pairs of long, lanceolate (spear like) leaflets and a tendril. At the base, near the stem are a pair of 'leafy', arrow shaped structures called stipules

Flowers and Fruits


The flowers are a bright yellow and occur in clusters of 5 - 12 flowers. They are borne on a long stalk. The flower is typical of the pea family (keel, wings and standard - see illustration on gorse page). If the flowers are fertilised, then seed pods form that are black when mature.

Ecology and other notes

Possibly the most common yellow flowered plant with tendrils - which is 'uses' to scramble up over other vegetation. It can be up to a mtre or so in length.It has a widespread distribution but is common on banks, in hedges and grassy places. It flowers from June onwards. Lathyrus pratensis.