Cut leaved cranesbill

Leaves and stem

The leaf is palmately lobed - it is cut or rather divided into (7) deeply incised sections. The leaf is hairy and the edge (leaf margin) may have a red / purple coloration.


Flowers and Fruits

The flower has 5 petals, they are notched and pink to purple in colour. The sepals end in a bristle.

CLC sepals etc

The fruits, when they form, are also hairy.

Ecology and other notes

This plant is another member of the cranesbill family (like herb robert). The cranesbills are notably hairy (with the exception of the shining cranesbill - which has reddish leaves).

The cut leaved cranesbill (Geranium dissectum) is an annual. It can be upright or rather sprawling. The leaves are very heavy dissected, with seven narrow lobes / sections. It may be found on waste land, banks and hedgerows.